Robert Kraft Partners With Boom Entertainment; Joins Celebrity Lineup of Sports Gambling Investors


The sporting world has been changing dramatically over the past decade. Global attention mixed with a rapidly expanding legal sports betting market has put more eyes on leagues like the NFL than ever before. As the National Football League continues to lean towards embracing sports gambling for the first sincere time, names like Robert Kraft are doing their part to make the experience more palatable.

Robert Kraft has been a longtime stalwart of the National Football League. As the owner of the New England Patriots, Kraft has played a role in one of the longest enduring dynasties in professional athletics. Committed to more than just his work in the Front Office, Kraft has also become an advocate for the legalization of sports gambling in the state of Massachusetts.

In fact, Kraft recently made headlines when he joined a group of celebrity investors to support Boom Entertainment’s latest efforts in the field.

Boom Entertainment and Robert Kraft Join Forces

Boom Entertainment may not be a headline name outside of the gambling space, but they are certainly doing their best to become one. Known for their work on applications like NBC Sports Predictor, Boom Entertainment recently had a successful round of Series A funding, led by Sands Capital. The company would bring in more than $15 million to fuel their expansion into gambling products utilizing real money gaming.

Stephen A. Murphy is the co-founder at Boom Entertainment and one of the loudest vocal supporters of the industry. Murphy stated, “With this capital infusion, we will redefine what real-money gaming looks like by introducing new ways to bet on sports and new experiences for players.”

Boom has been making many big moves in recent months, dating back to a deal they scored with Rush Street Interactive. The deal helped push Boom into the next level of the US gaming market, bringing with it significant attention towards their funding efforts. In fact, Boom was able to secure a substantial amount of donations from celebrity investors interested in the prospect of enhanced sports gambling. Figures like Robert Kraft, Jim Murren, and Tilman Fertitta were among many of the investors of the project.

Currently, the sports betting space is predicted to be worth more than $40 billion in the future. Companies like Boom are getting in on the space now to highlight higher returns later. Boom still hasn’t put forth a valuation following its most recent funding, but they have already become a national target thanks to the prominence the company has gained in recent months.

Gambling and the National Football League have always been together, albeit at a slight distance. For the longest time, the National Football League believed that an association with gambling would lead to a degradation of their product. With the wholesale support of the sports world behind them, the gambling industry has been able to take many leaps forward.

Among the current Boom Entertainment products currently in circulation are MSGN Pick’em, YES Pick N’ Play, Tim Horton’s NHL Hockey Challenge, and NASCAR Jackpot Races. With gaming veterans from leadership positions at DraftKings and High 5 Games, Boom is poised to continue growing into the future. Continued celebrity investments from figures like Robert Kraft and Patti Hart will only further their prominent goals in the coming years.

Robert Kraft has been a vocal proponent of legal sports gambling within the realm of professional football. Kraft points out the fact that Massachusetts doesn’t have legal sports gambling, though all it takes is a short trip across the nearest border to change that fact.

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